UniLink Update: March 2017

Discover the Latest Photo ID Scanning Solutions for Your Check Scanners! 


Interested in photo ID scanning solutions but don't want to spend money on new hardware? UniLink is teaming up with Acuant to provide an educational webinar on the benefits of Acuant's latest photo ID scanning software solutions-- available for check scanners and mobile devices!

Join us on Thursday, March 16 at 2 PM EST to learn how to get the most out of your current check scanning technology. Click here to register for this unique opportunity! 

Preventative Maintenance Tip of the Month! 

Are you having issues with your check scanner? Are you experiencing image issues, check jamming, misfeeds or "piggy backing"? 

The answer is simple. Routine preventative maintenance can extend the life of your check scanner and improve its overall performance!

UniLink offers preventative maintenance kits and consumable supplies for all manufacturers. Our Service team readily provides free educational webinars and training for your staff! Contact your Service Manager for more information! 


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