Wausau User in Missouri Purchases Over 500 Signature Pads from UniLink

A 105-branch bank in Missouri recently designated UniLink as their financial hardware fulfillment partner. The customer was looking for new hardware to help automate and expedite new account openings in their branches. After months of consultation from UniLink’s sales associates, the customer purchased 530 Wacom STU530 Signature Pads to implement in all of their branch locations!


The customer chose to partner with UniLink for their vendor neutrality and product expertise. The customer wanted to explore all of their possible options before making a purchase. UniLink was able to provide the customer with several different evaluation units from different manufacturers. This allowed the customer to test out all of their hardware options and make an informed business decision before purchasing!


The bank is currently set up for UniLink’s eCommerce online ordering portal for their other hardware purchased through UniLink. This portal allows them to easily sign up for online ordering and repairs with a simple click of a mouse! UniLink’s eCommerce platform allows the customer to bill and ship to any location, assign a PO number to any order, and maintain a complete order history that can be exported from the website into an excel document.

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