Fiserv user partners with UniLink for Front Counter Teller Capture

An 18-branch Fiserv user has decided to partner with UniLink during their transition to Front Counter Teller Capture. The customer bought over 100 check scanners and thermal printers for their Teller Capture transition. Continue reading to see a few of the value added services UniLink has to offer!

UniLink provided the customer with several different manufacturer check scanners and thermal printers to test before making their final purchasing decision. The customer also decided to opt-in for preventative maintenance training from UniLink, as well as cost effective preventative maintenance kits which will keep the hardware running at peak efficiency. This in turn will save them thousands of dollars in upfront next day advance exchange service costs, that the competition was offering which is not necessary.

If you’d like to talk to this UniLink customer and learn more about their process with UniLink, we would be happy to arrange that phone call.

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