30-Branch Fiserv User in Louisiana Upgrades to Front Counter Capture with UniLink

A 30-branch bank in Louisiana recently converted to front counter capture with UniLink. The customer decided to partner with UniLink because of their expertise in converting other financial institutions to teller capture. After a year of product consultation and evaluation with UniLink’s product experts, the Fiserv user purchased 130 Burroughs Elite155 check scanners and Elite ReceiptNOW printers for front counter capture at all of their branch locations!

The customer takes full advantage of all of UniLink’s value-added services. UniLink proactively provides the customer with preventative maintenance training webinars to teach the bank’s entire staff about the hardware and provide troubleshooting skills in case there is ever an issue. The bank is also an avid user of UniLink’s eCommerce program for their orders. UniLink’s eCommerce platform allows the bank to access their account directly from UniLink’s website, bill and ship to any of their 30 branch locations, assign a PO number to any order, and maintain a complete order history that can be exported from the website into an excel document, making ordering more hardware quick and easy!

The customer has trusted UniLink as a financial hardware partner for over 8 years now. The customer has been purchasing check scanners, teller receipt printers, consumable supplies, and have been using repair services from UniLink. They love the convenience of being able to get all of their hardware, supplies, and services all from one vendor! The bank plans to continue to rely on UniLink as their one-stop shop for all of their financial hardware needs.

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