Rick Kurtelawicz


Sales Consultant | Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, South Carolina, Vermont

(800) 666-2980 Ext. 133
Direct Dial: (585)851-0657


Rick Kurtelawicz is one of the newest UniLink members, but has already made quite the following! Rick joined the team in June of 2016, and although his last name may be hard to spell, Rick is a very easy going guy, and loves to crack jokes with everyone.

Uncle Rick enjoys spending time with his five nephews and one niece! A big baseball fan, Rick loves to find some peanuts and cracker jacks at the old ball game! As much as he loves football, don't bring up the Denver Broncos to him this year (it's a sore subject.) 


UniLink's attention to customer service is first rate. I'm sure we are small potatoes in the grand scheme of all your customers, however, I sure appreciate not feeling or being treated any less than one of your largest customers. Thanks,   A.I. - Bank in Wisconsin