Important check scanner attributes for front counter teller capture

At the end of the day, front counter teller capture requires reliable scanners. Without them, banks and financial institutions risk poor image capture, which ultimately results in poor information capture, thus undermining the benefits of teller capture to begin with.

This article will focus on the most important attributes required of check scanners to properly execute front counter teller capture for your bank or financial institution.


Scanners must be scalable in features like processing speeds, printing capabilities, feeding capacities and costs. Managers need to be able to easily change or upgrade a configuration when teller environments change. That said, scanners also must maintain a consistent operating design so tellers don’t have to re-learn them entirely when scanners are upgraded.

Feeder capability

Although the vast majority of teller transactions are 10 items or less, the feeder should be able to automatically handle over 100 documents. The feeder should be able to sense when the documents are loaded and begin scanning them automatically, without requiring additional steps like pressing a button. Tellers should also be able to easily insert documents into the feeder with one hand. Ultimately it’s about minimizing manual labor so the teller can focus more on the customer.

Track design

Processing should be quiet and smooth. And they shouldn’t need to be adjusted manually. Optimal tension should be maintained on all rollers to reduce the risk of jams or double-feeds. If foreign objects are inserted into the scanner, the track design should allow the teller to remove them easily.

Double feed detection

Double document feeding can happen with any scanning device that supports automated batch feeding. The scanner should minimize double feeds while accurately detecting when they do actually occur. Double feed detection can prevent the teller from having to intervene with the scanner and continue a smooth teller capture operation.

To learn more about front counter teller capture and how to implement it for your financial institution, contact UniLink or check out our free PDF Guide: 8 Benefits of Front Counter Teller Capture All Banking Executives Must Know.

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