Lew Foster


National Service and Supplies Manager | Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

(800) 666-2980 Ext. 115
Direct Dial: (585) 851-0640


Lew Foster is a 8 year member of the UniLink team. As the Service and Supplies Manager, Lew teaches and sells customers preventative maintenance and consumable supplies.

In his spare time, Lew is a huge sports fanatic. Lew is an avid fantasy football expert, and loves to live in his own football world with his buddies. In reality, Lew is a [JETS!, JETS!, JETS!] fan, hoping and praying that they will make it to the Super Bowl each year. Lew also enjoys golfing and bowling with his friends, even if he doesn't win!


I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding one of your employees, Lew Foster. I began working with Lew about six months ago while struggling with some ribbon quality issues. Lew was fantastic to work with and a tremendous help while trying to get to the cause of the issue. It's not easy to be the middle man between a frustrated customer and a manufacturer, but I feel he did his best to resolve the situation efficiently and with minimal fuss. Every time I call or email with an inquiry, I know Lew will get back to me quickly with the information I need. He is fun to chat with, and consistently provides superior customer service; he is surely an asset to your company.  It's very rare that I'm continually impressed by a company's service level, and I thought you would like to know about how Lew has done such an awesome job representing your company when assisting me and my branch.  Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful holiday season!   Tanya - Bank in the Northwest

Lew, I really enjoy using the UniLink website to order our consumable supplies.  I find it to be much friendlier than the ordering site I was using previously. The custom order form that the site provides me with allows me the opportunity to order the specific items we need for our organization, eliminating the need for me to have to search each time through items that we do not use.  The pictures of the supply item and the description of each are quite helpful.  Although right now I order for all the branches with shipment to our main office location, I know you have set-up the site on our behalf to allow us the ability to ship directly to all our locations.  As we continue to order from the site I will also be able to look at a complete history of what we bought, when we bought it, where it shipped and what we paid for it.  Today you loaded out to the site a check scanner that we use, allowing us the opportunity to order that on-line also.  I also really like your no minimum order policy which allows me to order only what we need without worrying about meeting any minimums.  Thanks,   J.S. - Purchasing Manager, Regional Bank in Ohio

I would just like to thank you for all your help with getting all the branches set up and educated for use of the UniLink website. You have been most agreeable to the suggestions we have made and I feel comfortable in the fact that if we need any changes you will do what you can to accommodate us. I appreciate your professionalism throughout the entire process. Just wanted you to know I could not have done any of this without your assistance. Go UniLink!!   D.C. - Mid-sized Bank Based in Indiana

Thank you for being a responsive and committed partner, your service levels and value-added services carried the day!   J.S. - Operations Manager, Bank in New York

Thank you so much Lew, you’re a rock star!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.   D.W. – Deposit Operations, Regional Bank in Idaho

We currently order our Vertex Scanner supplies; maintenance kits, ribbons, paper rolls, etc. with UniLink.  Lew is my contact.  They saved us a lot of money on many of these items, especially paper rolls.  They were a lot cheaper than other vendors I checked. It was definitely worth our while to get our supplies through UniLink – we are able to get free shipping on some items! I get great customer service, and they even helped me to ‘try’ to better satisfy some of the folks that didn’t like the receipt paper.   We have not used the repair service yet, as our scanners are still under warranty. I would not hesitate to use them, as I said customer service is half the battle.   M.B. - Vice President/Senior Operations Officer, Regional Bank in Missouri

I just ordered ink for the first time from the UniLink online ordering portal. And I want to go eat cake and ice cream because it was so great! I could conveniently order and drop ship to all the addresses that you had set up for me. It is the best thing since sliced bread! I hope that your other customers are utilizing this and the many other great features your website offers!   B.C. – Vice President - Deposit Operations, Regional Bank in TX