My experience with Scott Vassello & UniLink is second to none. A few years ago, we were forced to find a new vendor for our scanner purchases. I did my due diligence, as anyone should, and checked with various companies on pricing and service. I was immediately impressed with Scott as well as the pricing and scanner options UniLink has to offer. His professionalism and ease of conversation struck me right from the start. Scott not only takes an interest in the companies he works with to provide them the best service and solutions, but additionally in getting to know me as an individual as well. In the meantime, my representative from our previous vendor has contacted me several times as she is now with another company that can fulfill our scanner needs. Although I completely enjoyed working with her as well, and perhaps if circumstances would have been different, I may have considered switching, but it has been Scott that has kept me loyal to UniLink to this day and into the future. M.A - Vice President/ Cash Management, l Bank in MN

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