Chris, we are very pleased with the dependable and reliable customer service that we have come to appreciate and anticipate from UniLink. I know that my phone call or email will be handled promptly and efficiently. This is important because often times our bank customers are dependent on quick service whether it is for a new scanner, options for scanner service or professional advice from our scanner experts at UniLink. If I have questions I know I can rely on Chris to give me the guidance I need in a timely manner or direct me to others in the company to assist me. We are also very pleased with the option to order scanners online. This has helped reduce our scanner inventory. I have found the online ordering process to be easy. Not only do I receive email confirmation of my submitted orders but I generally receive a phone call from Chris to assure me that the order is being processed. UniLink is our vendor of choice because they are an extension of our bank and its number one goal of providing exceptional customer service. Karen - Bank in Indiana

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