Scott Vassello

Scott Vassello

Sales Consultant | Arizona, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia

(800) 666-2980 Ext. 12

Scott Vassello has been a part of the UniLink team for 5 years. When Scott is not chatting on the phone about his expertise on check scanners and financial hardware, Scott is spending time with his family in his newly-built home.

Scott and his wife, Sarah, have fraternal twins, Lydia and Ben, as well as a two-year-old baby girl, Natalie. Scott enjoys rooting on the New York Jets every fall, despite their season records each year--- and that's commitment.

Vassello Family

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with Scott! I needed 6 printers shipped over night. I called Scott around 5pm and told him the situation and asked what he could do for me. He called me back around 15 minutes later to let me know what they would be delivered the following day in the AM hours. I received them at 8:45 this morning! This is the same level of service that you have provided me in the past and a reason that I enjoy working with you! You and Scott are both great to work with and deserving of recognition for the job you do for us!   D.S. - Bank in North Carolina

Scott, this is just a note to express my appreciation of the excellent service that I have received from UniLink. Your quick response to my budget needs for 2014 will help me to review your newer scanners. I would also like to compliment your repair staff for their timely and thorough repairs in 2013. Your team does an impeccable job of inspecting, cleaning and repairing these machines. Any scanner that I have sent in for repairs comes back like a brand new scanner. The turnover is excellent as one of my biggest concerns is having two machines down at once. Here’s one BIG THANK YOU to all you that have help to make my job a little easier.   C.L. - Data Systems Specialist, Bank in Wisconsin

I just want it to be known, I really enjoy working with Scott and Lew.  They are both very helpful and easy to work with.  They have set me up with the UniLink website.  I love having this site.  It’s super easy to use, and helps me manage all products for Southern Bank.  I want to thank them both for making my life easier. I believe they both need a raise   P.C. - Retail Products Specialist and Supply Manager, Bank in Montana

Scott, I was hesitant to talk to you – I said I wasn’t looking for a change and was happy with my current vendor.  You asked for 10 minutes and told me you knew you could save us on shipping and provide better service.  You have done both of those – and the service side has been exceptional!!!  Our current vendor never talked to us about these scanner/printer combos that our branches should be using.  As a matter of fact, they never talked to us about any hardware or consumables – just provided a portal for purchase where I had to sift through options and educate myself so I now realize I wasn’t getting much of anything.   B.F. - Vice President, Cash Management, Bank in Arizona

We’ve worked with UniLink for 8 years now which has saved $1,000’s on our RDC check scanners during that time.  We predominantly purchase refurbished scanners which have been very reliable and allows for a faster ROI.  Our Rep, Scott Vassello, is so easy to work with and takes the time to get to know our business needs which is important to us.  The level of service Scott provides along with everyone else at UniLink is invaluable to us.  I would highly recommend UniLink (and Scott) for any bank looking for better service and lower pricing.   L.L. - Customer Service Officer, Bank in MO

My experience with Scott Vassello & UniLink is second to none.  A few years ago, we were forced to find a new vendor for our scanner purchases.  I did my due diligence, as anyone should, and checked with various companies on pricing and service.  I was immediately impressed with Scott as well as the pricing and scanner options UniLink has to offer.  His professionalism and ease of conversation struck me right from the start.  Scott not only takes an interest in the companies he works with to provide them the best service and solutions, but additionally in getting to know me as an individual as well.  In the meantime, my representative from our previous vendor has contacted me several times as she is now with another company that can fulfill our scanner needs.  Although I completely enjoyed working with her as well, and perhaps if circumstances would have been different, I may have considered switching, but it has been Scott that has kept me loyal to UniLink to this day and into the future.   M.A - Vice President/ Cash Management, l Bank in MN